This is the absolute truth! I lost one of my front teeth (had been bonded, veneered off and on for years) on the Thursday before Easter weekend. My daughter recommended a dentist who had reconstructed a fellow workmate’s “smile”. She couldn’t believe the transformation. Her friend had been in a car accident and needed extensive work. On that recommendation, I called Steve Murphree’s office and left an emergency message. I was called early the next morning on Good Friday. To my amazement, they squeezed me in. Dr. Murphree constructed a tooth out of bonding so that I could teach the next week…it looked better than the tooth I lost and took him no time! He is an artist! I can’t describe how thankful I am to have found a practice with a heart! The entire experience was off the charts!”
Blu, patient since 2015

“A+ in every way!!!

These guys are the best! I have never enjoyed the dentist, but my attitude changed yesterday. Dr. Reed and Dr. Murphree both greeted me with a handshake and a smile. Cindy was so sweet, helpful and accommodating. Chris gave me a tour of the office and was so nice and attentive to my needs. I was made to feel very welcome and at home. Dr. Reed assured me more than once that I would be taken care of…and I honestly know that’s true. He spent a lot of his time yesterday talking and explaining options that I have. Thank you all so very much for your time, attention, caring attitude and assurance that I have chosen the absolute BEST place to be. My children are going to love it there too!!!”
Teri, patient since 2015
“It’s about the customer-Had my first appointment for cleaning. Got to office and everything was organized and they where ready for me as espn as they opened the doors. While I was filling out some new patient info both Dr . Murphree & Dr. Reed came out and introduced themselves as well as my hygienist. They where extremely friendly explained the entire process, after my cleaning they reviewed X-rays with me. They where not pushy about treatment options. I usually hate going to the dentist but am actually looking forward to my next visit. They are a great practice. I did however recommend a massaging chair in the exam room while they are performing procedures. That would be about the only thing they are missing from being the perfect practice. I was referred by a friend and will refer everyone I know looking for a dentist.”
Bryon, patient since 2014
“Most friendly Dentist office – ever–Recently referred to Murphree & Reed Dental for repairs on my son’s damaged tooth. This office has absolutely the most friendly staff I’ve ever experienced. We were welcomed by both Dr. Murphree and Dr. Reed; given an office tour; discussed our expectations; and spent as long as we needed to discuss the cosmetic dentistry repair options. The brand new office; the ultrasonic machine for cleaning the dental tools; the digital imaging equipment – yeah that stuff is nice, but it’s the friendly people that you will remember after your visit. Thanks and we will see you back in a couple weeks.”
Luke, patient since 2014
“If I could give more than five stars, I would. The doctors, staff, and facility are outstanding . You are greeted by first name, toured around the immaculate office, and cared for in a thorough and timely manner. I cannot think of any improvements that are needed or provide any criticism of Dr. Murphree , Dr. Reed, or their staff.”
Joan, patient since 2014
“As I get older, I am starting to have more issues with my teeth. The fact that I chipped a tooth was distressing, but the fact that it chipped because I am getting older was even more distressing. I was treated with such kindness and compassion by Dr. Reed (which was really my first experience with him). He was able to fix my chipped tooth with minimal treatment. And it looks and feels as if nothing happened! Thank you Dr. Reed!!”
Jennifer, patient since 2012
“Had the opportunity to spend 2 afternoons with Dr. Reed and Kristel. It was another pain free dental experience which is pretty amazing considering I had to have deep cleaning and tooth pulled. They both spent a lot of time with me educating me on my future dental care.”
Cathy, patient since 2013
“Dr. Reed is AMAZING!! I’m petrified of the dentist, & after telling him that he made sure to make me as calm & comfortable as possible.”
Tracy, patient since 2014
“My daughter and I visited Dr. Murphree and Dr. Reed on 9/23/14. I’ve had 5 dentists in my life and I have to say this was the best of all. We were so welcomed by all of the staff and included by everyone…it felt “Like Home”. Thank you for all you did to not only help our smile but make us smile :)”
Tammy, patient since 2014
“Good Work and Friendly People-Title says it all. By far the bet Dentist I’ve ever visited.”
Will, patient since 2013
“The BEST!!!-I highly recommend Dr. Murphree’s office for everything you need! Kris always does my cleanings and she is awesome! From the moment you walk In to the moment you leave, you are treated with the best of care! The entire staff is great and they treat you like a person not just a patient!!! You couldn’t ask for a better experience than what you get from them! If you’ve not had the pleasure of being a patient at Dr. Murphree’s, you are missing the BEST! ELIZABETH”
Elizabeth, patient since 2013
“Emergency Dental Issue-Great Service. I had knocked a tooth out of alignment over the weekend at a trampoline place and called Dr. Murphree and Reed’s office on their weekend phone and they got back to me early the following Monday morning with an appointment for that very morning! I was able to get in fast and get my tooth looked at by a real professional. The staff was wonderful, cordial, professional, and efficient in servicing me through this emergency! Thanks.”
Ben, patient since 2014
“First Office Visit-I had a fabulous experience at Dr. Reed’s Dental office. My hygienist was great!! I was a little nervous and she was very comforting. Dr. Reed was wonderful. He answered questions that I had and made me feel at ease. I am looking forward to being a patient. I also met Dr. Murphree. Everyone in the office was friendly and professional.”
Linda, patient since 2014
“Friendly, High Quality Care-If I could give more than five stars, I would. The doctors, staff, and facility are outstanding . You are greeted by first name, toured around the immaculate office, and cared for in a thorough and timely manner. I cannot think of any improvements that are needed or provide any criticism of Dr. Murphree, Dr. Reed, or their staff.”
Joan, patient since 2012
“Best Around Dentistry-Steve Murphree has given me great care for 25 years. I had used other dentist before I used him but I stuck with Steve because I felt like he really cares about his patients. Not just him but the whole staff make you feel as family. I don’t think I could get any better care anywhere else. I’m just getting to know Dr. Davis Reed DMD who is working with Steve now and I’m very impressed also by him so far. If you are looking for a dentist with great expertise and that you can see it in their face that they genuinely care about you look no further. Thank you Steve for all the wonderful years of concern and care you have given to me and my family.”
Cathy, patient for 25 years
“I get so many compliments on my smile!  It has really increased my self confidence and makes it much easier to get up and sing in front of people.  The team takes really good care of me – I would recommend Dr. Murphree to anyone!”
Andy, patient since 1986
“The first time I met Dr. Steve Murphree and his staff, it was clear that their ultimate goal was my well being and the health of my teeth and gums.  They are very professional, congenial and knowledgeable with restoring the teeth and providing a great smile.  They make each and every visit a pleasure and a joy … I have received many compliments on my teeth and even have been asked if I had had a face-lift shortly after my work was performed.  I am very grateful and appreciative for a job well done!”
Doc, patient since 2004
“I just wanted to express my appreciation and thank all of you again for giving me my smile back.  It truly does make all the difference to have such an awesome doctor and staff taking care of you.  Your constant dedication and genuine concern helped to relieve my anxiety throughout each step of my treatment.  In addition, your encouragement and confidence in me have meant so much to me, especially having to face such a challenge at this stage in my life.  I am honored to represent your exceptional work and truly touched by the thoughtful card and gift card …”
Lauren, patient since 2003
“Approximately 4 years ago, my company gave me an opportunity to relocate to Decatur, Alabama (from Canada)…In searching for services one needs such as doctors, dentists…I was given one of the best recommendations I have ever been given…Dr. Murphree and his team are truly “THE BEST” I have ever encountered in the dental practice…I have never been kept waiting for more than 10 minutes…that’s a huge plus.  When taken into one of their patient rooms, you are made comfortable by being told exactly what services they will be performing today and asking every so often if you are okay and/or is there anything they could get you – even down to heated neck rests…I have been extremely satisfied and happy with the dental work Dr. Murphree and his team have performed on me over the past few years.  As I am relocating home to Canada, I will be leaving Decatur.  My only regret is that I’m leaving a terrific dental team and although I know I’ll find another dentist, I feel I will never be able to replace the dental team I’ve had while living in Decatur.”
Sue, patient from 2001 to 2006
“Steve, I just wanted to drop you a line and say “Thanks for the wonderful job you have done”!  I am constantly receiving comments on how pretty my smile is.  You have a great staff and I would like to thank each and every one of them also for their parts in helping create such a pleasant experience and a wonderful smile. Thanks Again.”
Connie, patient since 1992
“All of my life I yearned to have a beautiful smile, with nice evenly spaced teeth that were not yellowed.  Unfortunately, my teeth were not strong, which eventually required fillings in probably 80% of them.  Many of my fillings were very old and needed replacing even though in my adult years I had diligently brushed, flossed, used fluoride gel, etc.  As a child I had an extreme dread of going to a dentist because equipment was not as high-tech as it is now (nor was my dentist very gentle).  After my first visit to Dr. Murphree years ago, I quickly relaxed in regard to dental care.  His skill and professional manner (as well as that of all his staff) relieved my anxiety so that I no longer dread going to the dentist.  Last year Dr. Murphree and his assistants provided all the professional work that I needed to have a smile that I am happy to display.  If you desire professionalism, quality, expertise, wonderfully courteous and cheerful chair-side manner and atmosphere, make an appointment with Dr. Murphree.”
Gladys, patient since 1992
“No more brown smile!  Those are the first words I spoke to Dr. Steve Murphree when I went to his office for a consultation on my increasingly unattractive teeth.  There was nothing really wrong with them – they were just the result of getting older.  But they bothered me and I found myself smiling a bit less than I had when I felt my teeth were more attractive.

Dr. Murphree assured me that we could fix my teeth, and what’s more, we could fix them in such a way that they would still look natural and appropriate for my age.  One of the front upper teeth was a bit crooked and I wasn’t sure I wanted that one “fixed” because it was so important to me to still look like myself.  Dr. Murphree suggested that he take a little extra off the crooked tooth and place a veneer that was straighter than the existing tooth without looking fake.  We did that, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.  They still look like my teeth, just better.

One of the questions I was asked at the Murphree Center was how I had chosen them.  I told them perfectly honestly it was because of their TV ad where Dr. Murphree appears to be smiling at pictures of his patients.  (I’d tell you what he’s really smiling at, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for you if you go see him!)
The whole staff at the Murphree Center is wonderful.  Mary, Deanna, Pat, Patty (and anyone I’ve forgotten to mention).  They do everything they can to make you feel that you are more than a patient; you’re a friend.  Dr. Murphree is a perfectionist – one of my veneers came in on time, but didn’t meet his exacting specifications, so he sent it back to be redone.  I’m sure that doesn’t increase his “bottom line”, but it’s the way he does business anyway. is is where I came in, isn’t it?  I’m thrilled with my teeth, I can’t say enough about what a positive experience this has been, and furthermore, I find myself smiling at people even when there’s nothing to smile at.  Truth is, people probably think I’m an idiot.  So let them go see Steve Murphree, then they can smile like an idiot too and say as I do….No more brown smile!”
Lizzann, patient since 2005
“… I just wanted to say, Thank You, to everyone there for making my visit pleasurable.  I have never felt more relaxed and easy, about a Dentist visit.  I actually felt like I was someone, other than just a patient.  I haven’t stopped talking about my Dental visit to everyone that I have seen.  I have told them how you took care of me…  I just can’t say enough about how I was treated…I can actually say, that I am looking forward to coming back and having the rest of my teeth worked on.”
Sherry, patient since 2004
“I wanted to do something for your office to say, Thank You for easing my fear of the Dentist.  Now I actually look forward to my visits.  Hope you all enjoy the cheesecake…I took all the calories out.  HA! HA!”
Sharon, patient since 2004